What You Really Need to Know in Your Life

PDF fileIt comes to my mind every time I read self improvement and personal finance books that I should write something about the real of the personal financial statement. In the consumerism decade, many authors wrote about how to getting rich instantly. Actually, they were trying to sell more books to the readers and becoming the best seller book writers. And also they got more money and they became richer. Why did readers buy their books? Because most of the readers want to read what they like to read, and everybody wants to become rich instantly. It created the paradigm and what I called “instant paradigm”. Based on that, I did not suggest you to stop buy and read books, but the important thing is you must select which books you should read.

With this e-book, I just want to open your mind so that you have other opinion about rich and wealth. I try to make a table by combining my financial and self improvement knowledge. I come with what I called “Personal Financial Statement”. I put in Intangible Asset which is almost forgotten by people now.

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